Our Purpose

The PFC Johnny Kihm Memorial Fund was started in 2011 through the Philadelphia Foundation to support members of the military and their families, and sending care packages to active units that are serving overseas.  The foundation also supports the Best Buddies and Special Olympics programs because Johnny and his sisters were involved in helping children with special needs.

The fund also supports and has helped groups such as the Philadelphia Veterans House and the Semper Fi Fund. These groups help soldiers who return from war with physical disabilities or those who may need emotional help.

Our Projects:

During the year that Johnny spent as a soldier, he traveled a great amount and found much appreciation for the USO and military rest stops. The foundation is involved in a special project in the Syracuse Airport. The Harris Center, which is a rest stop for troops coming in and out of Fort Drum NY, is undergoing a renovation process that will take about two to three years to complete. The Harris Center was built in honor of Gregory J. Harris (USMC) who was captured in 1966 as a POW in Vietnam and has never returned.

Currently, the foundation has been dedicated to the rebuilding of the Veterans Comfort House. The Philadelphia Veterans House is a place where vets, who are commuting daily between the Philadelphia Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) and their homes across Pennsylvania, can live comfortably and have meals during weekdays, free of charge. The house also provides a stable home for homeless veterans and their families while they work to get back on their feet. The PVH’s mission is to ensure that no members of the military are left behind, making their lives more rewarding and less complicated.

The foundation’s goal is to raise enough money to provide enough supports to both of these projects and the many more that come along our way in the future.